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Calling 2018 a tough year for family farmers doesn’t even come close to describing what they’ve been through. The numbers seem hard to believe: farmers are earning half of what they made just five years ago. Trade wars have disrupted their markets, sending shockwaves through the farm economy. Natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires have destroyed fields and barns and caused billions of dollars in damage. That’s why your support of family farmers is as important as ever.

Throughout the year, Farm Aid has been there for farmers when they’ve called our hotline. We all need to be there for farmers now, because we need them to be there for us.

Will you join me today by giving $75 to Farm Aid? Your support ensures that we can continue our mission to keep family farmers on the land.

I’m proud of the work we do here at Farm Aid. For 33 years, we’ve been a beacon of hope for family farmers—whenever they need it. And we’ve done far more than that. Every day, we connect family farmers around the country with the resources they need to make it through tough times and to gain access to land, credit and markets so that they remain resilient.

When farmers call the Farm Aid Hotline, we’re there to take the call. This year the calls have been non-stop, and we’ve increased our staffing to be sure we’re doing all we can to support farmers who reach out to us. All signs point to another tough year ahead, with falling incomes and rising production costs. As strong as farmers are, Farm Aid will keep fighting for them.

Your gift keeps Farm Aid strong, so that we’ll always be there for farmers when they need us most. Won’t you help us continue this critical work

We all depend on family farmers to survive. Farmers put food on our table. They are the stewards of our soil and water. Farmers strengthen our local economies. They are the backbone of our communities. Right now, they need our help. I’m glad I can count on you.

Stay strong and positive,

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Willie Nelson
President, Farm Aid

PS: Your donation supports all of Farm Aid’s work to strengthen family farm agriculture, from our hotline to directly support farmers, and our advocacy for policies that are good for farmers and rural communities, to the connections made to increase access to good food for everyone. Good food starts with family farmers. Thanks for joining me today to stand with them!

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