Kenny Chesney Talks about Working With Willie Nelson posted this about Kenny producing Willie’s next album:


December 21, 2006 — Kenny Chesney can hardly believe he’s been in the studio co-producing Willie Nelson, and here’s the latest on how it’s going. Kenny says, “The beauty of working with Willie is his voice is so much a part of who we are. There were no boundaries, we could just go in with no rules and make music. I wanted to make a classic Willie record — all as good as he is.”

One of the songs they are working on is a remake of Randy Newman’s haunting “Louisiana (1927).” Kenny notes, “I know a lot of people have recorded this song over the years, but Willie and his heart would convey the essence of ‘Louisiana’ better than anyone could. I felt like Willie’s voice would make people really listen to the message. Given Willie’s history of taking up for the unseen people, this song worked for him on so many levels. The people who hear it will be amazed.”

So far, no release date for Willie’s new CD has been set, but for Kenny, who grew up on Willie’s music, it’s like Christmas has come early.  


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