Lukas and Micah Nelson and 40 Points


Harmonic Tribe posted the following at their MySpace about the band, and 40 Points 


Since last year, Harmonic Tribe was actually no longer a band. They didn’t ‘break up’ or anything, there wasnt any big drama, nobody got ‘FIRED’ or anything like that, haha…the Tribe was just a project/experiment from the beginning, lukas and micah nelson got together with marty (dread) one day and started jamming and decided to make a band just for fun, and one thing led to another….but despite all the attention and the shows and money and everything, the motivation of just playing music together and having fun during the summer stayed with them, and you could say the Harmonic Tribe ‘experiment’ was very successful in that way! from the very start, they made it clear to each other that they each had our own separate paths, Marty had and still has his own musical career, Divino already had another band which he plays with on Maui, Tato was still working on getting his American citizenship, and the rest of them still had high school to finish!!! so they all knew that they would eventually have to stop playing as the Tribe (especially since it started getting kind of big) and deal with life in the present moment…also, four of them (tato, andrew, lukas, & micah) wanted to expand their musical boundaries and play music guided more by their true influences and they knew that they couldn’t really do that with the Tribe under the circumstances, so they have created a new band, 40 pts! (four-tee-poi-ntz)

40 pts., consists of micah nelson on drums, lukas nelson on guitar, andrew kloppel on bass, and tato melgar on congas/percussion, and they have created a whole new kickass sound, similar to the Tribe, yet something entirely their own…their sound could probably be best described as a mix between Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Santana, the Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, Los Lonely Boys, Harmonic Tribe…to name a few….they’ve played several times on maui already, including Charley’s saloon in Paia, and the Maui Music Fest 2006, among others…

…also they were just in Austin, TX, playing a show for the world famous annual ‘South by Southwest’ music and media festival at the four seasons hotel, to launch the release of the new indie record label, Pedernales Records, founded by Willie Nelson and their producer James Stroud….40pts. and Willie are the first artists to sign on to the label!!!

they’re just finishing up their debut album which will be released this summer, so look out! also, they will be opening for willie nelson this summer on tour from june 11th-august 4!!! …check for willie nelson tour dates this summer. if you liked the Tribe…you’ll sh*t yourself over 40pts!!! ps.

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