Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real sing ‘A Peaceful Solution’


Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real have recorded a beautiful version of ‘A Peaceful Solution,’ and include it on their cd which is available at their concerts.  It was such a nice surprise to hear their version of this song. 

All the many, many artists who have recorded this song have their own unique fresh take on the song, based on their own experience of music and peace and justice.  You can hear all the beautiful versions at the Willie Nelson Peace Research website at  Willie Nelson sings the song several times himself, in different genre:   reggae, with his Family band, a capella, with Tom Conway, in a gypsy music mode. 

Also, at the site you can be informed and inspired about other’s efforts to bring peace to this world.  They provide a lot of thoughtful information at the site.  Also, you can learn how you can record and submit your version of the song to the website.  Liz and Jay who operate the site, with Willie’s blessing, told me that they send every version sumitted to Willie to listen to, no matter where he is on tour.   That’s really cool!

I know you will enjoy Lukas and his band’s version of ‘A Peaceful Solution.’
Hear “A Peaceful Solution” by Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real

Lukas and the Promise of the real are on tour, and you can keep up with their schedule at their myspace place:

 Here’s some pics from the shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco, last January. 

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