Micah Nelson Art


Great news — Micah Nelson is selling his original artwork, signed by him and his dad.


About Micah Nelson

Micah Nelson is a multi-instrumentalist who lives in Venice, CA. When not touring the world alongside Neil Young, he fronts his own band entitled Insects vs Robots and also performs as a solo artist under the pseudonym ‘Pårticle Kid’. As the youngest child of Willie Nelson, music and art have been seamlessly infused in every fabric of Micah and as a result, he is an artistic enigma. His physical art is collected by the who’s who of the music, movie and art industry and he has shared the musical stage with everyone from Kris Kristofferson to Jack White. If you have not been fortunate enough to witness his art exhibits on display, then perhaps you’ll be able to catch him on the road this summer as Insects vs Robots tours alongside Primus.


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