Mickey Raphael on harmonicas


Thanks to Phil Weisman for sharing this picture of Mickey that he found. Mickey is hard to photograph, because when there is enough light on him, he is working and has that harmonica in his mouth (covering up his handsome face). I have pretty much given up trying and just enjoy his solos. He is so talented.

Mickey’s album is available, if you don’t have one yet:

Mickey Raphael: Hand to Mouth

The Artists:

Mickey Raphael — Harmonica
Gene Rabbai, Jr. — Keyboards
Lee Michaels — Accordion
Ben Keith — Pedal Steel
Joe Lalo — Percussion
Billy Ray Austin — Guitar
Scott Page — Flute, Recorder
Willie Nelson — Guitar on Trude
Paul Butterfield—Harmonica Duet on Hand To Mouth

Track List

  1. Don’t It Make You Wonder
  2. Trude (with Willie Nelson)
  3. If I only had a brain/Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  4. Blue Angel
  5. 246 W 11th St
  6. Asia Minor
  7. Mexico
  8. The Search
  9. Breathless
  10. All My Love-parts 1 &2
  11. Gypsy
  12. Hand to Mouth

You can purchase Mickey Raphael’s cd from cdbaby and also on Amazon.

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