Movie Sound Tracks

Willie contributed to these soundtracks; it’s only a partial list. 

Date Title Song
2006 Broken Bridges
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
2005 Brokeback Montain “He Was a Friend of Mine”, permformer
2005 The Dukes of Hazzard “Good Ol Boys”, permormer
2005 C.R.A.Z.Y. “Crazy”, writer
2005 Man of the House “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”;
“Old Five and DImers Like Me
2004 Lost (t.v.) “House of the Rising Sun”
2004 Ella Enchanged “Crazy”
2003 Japanese Story “On the Road Again”
2003 Hope Springs “Am I Blue”
2002 Stevie “The Maker”
2002 The Rookie “Nothing I Can Do About It Now”
2001 Last Party 2000 “Whiskey River”
2001 Shrek “On the Road Again”
2001 Korean War Stories “Jimmy’s Road”
2000 Grand Ole Opry 75th Anniversary “Wabash Cannonball” :Blue Eyes Crying
in the Rain””Night Train to Memphis”
“I Saw the Light” medley

2000 Space Cowboy “Still Crazy After All These Years”
“Young at Heart” 
1999 Earthly Possessions “They All Went to Mexico”
1999 Pourquoi pas moi? “Crazy”
1998 Bride of Chucky “Crazy”
1998 Primary Colors “On the Road Again”
1997 Wag the Dog “Good Old Shoe”
“I Guard the Canadian Border”
1997 Switchback “Nowhere Road”
1996 Michael “What a Wonderful World”
1993 A Perfect World “Funny How Time Slips Away”
1988 Colors “Bloody Mary Morning”
1986  Trespasses “Amazing Grace”
1984 Songwriter
1979 The Electric Horseman

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