My last post (Still is Still Moving Blog Shutting Down)

This is my last post here at still is still moving.  It has been so much fun, but I have run out of information and pictures to post about Willie Nelson and Family.  It took a while, but I have posted about their albums, movies, books and more.  And I’ve been through all my magazines, clippings, articles and pictures  I’ve collected and shared them here.  I have just run out of things to post about Willie Nelson.

And my musical tastes have changed over the years, too, and I invite you to visit my new blog at which will launch later today.

I wish you all the best, and thanks for visiting the blog for the past few years!  Hope to run into you at an ABBA tribute concert soon!


Oh, you all touched me so much, thank you!  Didn’t fool anyone for long, did I?  Janis from Texas got it right, I am the Willie Fool.  Thank you all for your kind words.  It was kind of strange, though, like faking your death and seeing who shows up for your funeral or something.  Thanks for the e-mails, phone calls and text messages I got!

I did tone it down this year, though.  Last year I spent a week apologizing to people.  Especially, the Bonanza television fans were upset with me, for saying that Willie Nelson was doing a  movie re-make of Bonanza, with Willie Nelson as Pa, and Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson and Shooter Jenning as the boys.  Those fans take their tv show seriously!  There is one fan who still, a year later, sends me links to youtubes of the show, and articles.  I don’t know if he thinks I’m a big fan, or if he wants to show me how incredible the original was and how crazy I was to consider a movie re-make.

But the biggest thing I got yelled at for last year was when I said Willie Nelson & Family were going to spend all of April touring around Colorado.  I learned my lesson:  You don’t joke around with Willie’s schedule, and I can appreciate that.  Even Poodie, bless his heart, didn’t like that one.

And I didn’t put up any fake links to sites where you could marry Willie, or that he was moving to Utah to become a polygamist.   Fans didn’t like that one either!

So, thank you to my friends and Willie Nelson fans who come here for real news of Willie Nelson & Family.  And as you all know, I will never run out of things to post here about them.  I could do it full time and not ever catch up or finish.

Willie Nelson fans are the greatest!

Hugs to all of you from Colorado!

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