Norah Jones talks about Willie Nelson (Austin City Limits Interview 8/22/2002)

q: You were saying that you were listening more to country music recently, and I know you made a comment I saw somewhere the other day that you wish you could be like Willie Nelson. Exactly what do you mean by that?

a: I wish I could be like Willie Nelson, I guess I’ve said that a few times. I just, I mean that in a way, because he’s the coolest, he’s just cool. He’s a great musician, he does whatever he wants. He plays standards, he plays original songs, he’s a great songwriter, but he plays other people’s songs. He’s just the nicest guy I’ve met, I think. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

q: Well, he’s so real.

a: Yeah, he’s real, he’s very real.
q: I don’t know if you knew this but he did the original pilot episode for Austin City Limits.

a: Oh, I’m sure he did.

q: Without him, we probably wouldn’t have made it through a year. He sort of helped establish our reputation for what we do. And he sort of transcends all those boundaries, musical generations. Everyone seems to love Willie.

a: Yeah, everything. He’s great. If he were kind of a rude person it’d probably be different. But he’s like, I mean, his music separately is amazing, and he separately is amazing as a person. And you put them together and it’s like, gosh. It’s this huge amazing person.

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