Outlaw Country: Austin City Limits “Live from Austin”, with Willie and Waylon and the boys (and girl)

New West Records has announced the October 26, 2006, release of this soundtrack of a 1996 episode of the Austin City Limits television program featuring four legendary musicians who came to define the outlaw country movement of the early ‘70s: Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Billy Joe Shaver and Kris Kristofferson.  Kimmie Rhodes, another Texas singer and songwriter who has been a feature of the Austin scene since the 1980’s joins the guys in this t.v. show.   

In the show, the friends sit around and sing and tell stories, and make each other laugh.  There are 14 tracks, and they each sing a gospel or spiritual tune: Waylon sings “I Do Believe”, followed by Kimmie Rhodes:  “Espiritu Santo Bay”; Billy Joe Shaver sings his great song:  “You can’t Beat Jesus Christ”; Willie sings a slow sweet “Too Sick to Pray”, and Kris sings “The Pilgrim”.

Other cuts:  Billy Joe sings without any instrumental or vocal accompaniment on the poetic “First and Last Time.” Waylon sings “Just Watch Your Mama and Me”, and Willie does “We Don’t Run”.

I have enjoyed those of this series that I’ve seen, and look forward to seeing this won.  This sounds like it will be as closs as you can get to sitting around in the living room with these great musicians.  What a treat.

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