Raelynn Nelson in Nashville

Raelyn Nelson, granddaughter to Willie Nelson introduces us to country / garage rock


Raelyn Nelson is an emerging female country artist in Nashville and she also happens to be the granddaughter of Willie Nelson.

She has been singing since she can remember, having been raised on a steady diet of traditional country and gospel music.

In her teenage years she was gifted a guitar by her grandfather and this inspired her to begin writing country and folk songs.

Raelyn Nelson was introduced to Jonathan Bright, a veteran of the underground rock scene and independent producer by a mutual friend.

The duo recorded some of the early songs, then decided to try to write some things together and see what happened.

The result? A completely fresh and original sound, a true hybrid referred to by some critics as country / garage rock.

Raelyn Nelson says “I don’t really have any desire to be a ‘solo-artist’. Everyone in my family who plays music has always placed a lot of importance on band chemistry, on stage, off stage and in the studio.

Our band can almost read each other’s minds. Why would I mess with that? We try to keep it simple: Write songs we like, record them, make a video, then go out and play them for people.”

‘Weed and Whiskey’ is one from Raelyn Nelson band’s back catalogue, the song sees Raelyn and friends unleash an up tempo melody that compels us to tap our feet along to the catchy instrumental hooks and striking chorus that is given life thanks to Raelyn’s uplifting vocals.

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