Republican Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson supports legalization of marijuana

Willie Nelson, Gary Anderson
Vincent Funaro

Former governor of New Mexico and 2012 GOP candidate Gary Johnson has expressed his support of the legalization of Marijuana in the U.S.
“So I advocate legalizing marijuana, control it, regulate it, tax it,” said Johnson in May at the Republican presidential debate.

“It would never be legal for kids to smoke pot or buy pot,” he added.

Along with reforms on marijuana he also plans to implement harm reduction strategies for other drugs furthering the decriminalization of drug distribution and use in the U.S.

Johnson also expressed his feelings on the criminalization of marijuana: “Half of what we spend on law enforcement, the prisons and the courts is drug related. And to what end? We’re arresting 1.8 million people a year in this country,” said Johnson.

He added: “We have the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. Ninety percent of it is prohibition related, not use related.”

Johnson believes not only will the legalization of Marijuana cut down crime in the U.S. but in other nations as well. He said in a recent article penned for Huffington Post: “Mexican drug cartels make at least 60 percent of their revenue from selling marijuana in the United States, according to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.”

“The FBI estimates that the cartels now control distribution in more than 230 American cities, from the Southwest to New England.”

By eliminating the demand for marijuana by legalizing it, Johnson hopes to avoid any more casualties involved in the war on drugs, or what he deems prohibition.

He said, “In 2006 Mexican president Felipe Calderon announced a new military offensive against his countries drug cartels.”

Johnson said, “Since then more than 28,000 people have been killed in prohibition fueled violence, and the cartels are more powerful than ever, financed primarily by marijuana sales.”

Musician Willie Nelson and the Tea Pot party have taken notice of Johnson’s plight for drug policy reform and have decided to offer their support: “I am truly gratified to have the endorsement of such an iconic entertainer, philanthropist, innovator, and champion for individual rights as Willie Nelson,” said Johnson in response to the Tea Pot party’s endorsement which Nelson founded solely for the purpose of legalizing marijuana.

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