Ryman Auditorium proclaimed “Birth of Bluegrass”

The great Earl Scrugs was on hand on September 27, 2006, when a historical marker ceremony was held at the Ryman Auditorium  proclaiming the “Birth of Bluegrass” at the Ryman.

The Ryman says at their website (www.ryman.com), that the plaque is presented by the Tennessee Historical Society, to commemorate the moment that took place on the Ryman stage, and says further:  “Durng the 1920’s , ’30’s, and ’40’s, Bill Monroe, universally recognized as the Father of Bluegrass,  pioneered a new kind of music by taking Appalacian mountain music, or old time music, and infusing it with aspects of many other types, including blues, gospel and jazz.  Much of this creative process took place at the Ryman, where he starred as a regular performer on the Grand Ole Opry.  The final ingredient to this new form of music was added on a Saturday night in 1945.  That night, a young man named Earl Scruggs joined Monroe and his band, including guitarist Lester Flatt on the Ryman Stage.  When Scruggs stepped up to the WSM migrophone, and played his 5-string bango with his innovative three finger roll, Bluegrass music, as we know it today, was born.”

Earl Scruggs, who is mentioned by name on the marker, was the ceremony’s guest of honor.  

Some young bluegrass performers entertained a crowd outside the Ryman for the special ceremony.  Musician Ricky Skaggs also on hand, said it’s about time.  “The great sound of bluegrass music right here from this stage and why shouldn’t we have a plaque here? Why shouldn’t this be birthplace of bluegrass, because it truly is.”


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