Senate Goes Home And Doesn’t Take Action on American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act




Dear Humanitarian:

Depite a Herculean effort by those who are vehemently opposed to horse slaughter, the US Senate did not take action on the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (AHSPA) before the end of this Congressional session. Not all is lost, since more people have learned about this brutal trade, and the US House of Representatives has affirmed its strong support through its vote in favor of the legislation this summer. Please understand that there was much business left unfinished by Congress – even funding for most of the US Government was not taken up in the waning days of the session. 

The Senate’s inaction must not impede the overwhelming momentum to end horse slaughter. The American public, the humane community, and a majority of horse industry organizations and veterinarians support this legislation. Members of Congress, when presented an opportunity to vote, have demonstrated their support. We must stay united and strong in our commitment to end horse slaughter. If not, America’s horses will continue to suffer. We will not let that happen!Leaders from both parties have heard our call to end horse slaughter, and we are optimistic that the AHSPA will be reintroduced and enacted swiftly when the legislators reconvene in 2007.

Following the New Year, we must return to our fight to keep pressure on all Members of Congress.  We will contact you early next year to let you know what you can do.  Over the holiday season, if you are able, please take time to help local rescue organizations in need. Thank you for all of the hard work you have done on behalf of the horses – it has not been in vain.  We will not stop until the slaughter has ended!


Cathy Liss
Legislative Director




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