Shawn Colvin’s new CD These Four Walls


I heard Shawn Colvin play the title cut off her new CD on the radio tonight on the way home from Boulder, called These Four Walls.  She sounded really good, as always.  Newly divorced, with a new manager and a record label  (she left Columbia for Nonesuch Records) and now a new CD, this her first since her 2001 Whole New You.

  1. Fill Me Up
  2. These Four Walls
  3. Tuff Kid
  4. Summer Dress
  5. Cinnamon Road
  6. Venetian Blue
  7. The Bird
  8. I’m Gone
  9. Let is Slide
  10. Even Here We Are
  11. So Good To See You
  12. That Don’t Bother Me Now
  13. Words

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