She got it on ebay: Alice’s H&R Block Willie Nelson Advice Doll

Willie Nelson fan Alice from Atlanta tells the story of how she got one of the Willie Nelson dolls used in the H&R Block Superbowl commercials — she really did get it on ebay:

“The gentleman who auctioned it worked for H&R Block. He said there were 4 dolls made for the commercial, and this one was the one that was standing on top of the barrel at the beginning of the commercial.

He said he had this one, the person who made the dolls kept one, one was given to Willie, and I forget who he said had the 4th one, I think maybe the owner of H&R Block or the advertising firm?

The doll has the pull-ring thingy on his back, but there was no recording for any of them.   He said that was smoke and mirrors  and just for show.

He also sent me a vhs copy of the commercial.

The workmanship on the doll is actually not that great, but I do love it! It’s on a chrome and glass open shelving unit/etagere in my hallway.”

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