Shoot Out Boulder 24-hour film making competition


Last night for my birthday, a friend took me to a showing of films made for The Shoot Out Boulder, a 24-hour filmaking competition.  This is the third year the 24-hour-film making event has been held in Boulder, and is the only annual competition like it in the Country.  (There are several in Australia.)  The Shoot Out Boulder invites filmakers with all levels of skill, young, old, families, to make a seven-minute film in 24 hours.  On Friday night, at 8:55 p.m., the different teams are given a list of 11 items, 5 of which need to be included in the film.  Then the teams go out and shoot the movie, and have to return in 24 hours with a finished product.  The only editing allowed is on-camera editing.  One of the requirements is that one of the 11 items have to appear in the first 30-seconds of the fllm; this is to insure that no one enters a flim they made before.   This year’s props included a feather, someone giving a kiss, then a hug, then another kiss, a few landmarks around Boulder were included:  a wooden bridge on the pedestrian mall, a globe at a new mall that just opened last week, the sign for an Oxygen Bar, some dumpsters at Whole Foods, a particular ATM, and uh, I guess that’s all I can think of.  Some teams included most all of them, bus some only the required five.

Last night, at the Boulder Theater, they showed the top 10 out of the 40 flims entered.  They said they had 45 entrants, but 5 didn’t make it back.  There were several teams under 17, and teams of all ages and abilities.  It was so much fun, and exciting, like the academy awards.  They had best actor, cinematograpy, screen play, music.  Film crews had families and friends, and they cheered madly when their films came on.  No one knew until last night if their film had made the top ten. 

Craig Maierhofer, a Boulder musician and his band played at the intermission, and put on a great set.  A couple cover tunes, and lots of stuff of their new cd “49 Floors”.  Craig announced they are looking for a new title, and he said they are considering “49 Flloors” as a possible band name.  Sounds good to me.  And so did they! Shifty-Gears, a rock/reggae/blues band opened the show, and got eveyone in a party mood.

They are going to show the films next Saturday, October 28, 2006, at the Library, all the flims, all day long.  I’m having a Halloween party, or else I’d go.  It was a blast.  The best film won $1,000.00, and $850.00 worth of lighting equipment.

Their site is: if anyone is interested in going for it next year! 

The Shoot Out – the first ever ’24 Hour’ filmmaking festival – was held in Newcastle, Australia in 1999. By luring filmmakers to Newcastle with a cash prize of $2000 for the best film, The Shoot Out kicked off with 105 entries in its first year. This was an extraordinary result for a totally original and untried event. Since then, The Shoot Out has continued to grow exponentially.

In addition to the annual festival in Boulder, he Shoot Out now takes place in five cities: Newcastle, Geelong, Toowoomba (Australia), Hamilton (New Zealand).

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