“Sorry, the Roller Skating Rink is Closed to the Public” — the Rhythm Devils are playing!


Ah, the Rhythm Devils, another soft place to fall for us Dead Heads.

What a kick to see this band on Friday night. Their show was at Fat City, in Littleton, Colorado.  Fat City is billed as a 3 1/2 acre indoor family entertainment center with a bowling alley, skating rink, skating obstacle course, 3-story foam factor, laser tag, minature golf, bumper cards, and lots of loud noice and flashing lights and a couple places to eat or drink.

On the way all the way to the south side of Denver, I asked my friend, “Why Fat City?”,.  And I guess the way he heard the story was that the band wanted to do another show on their way to Vegoos in Las Vegas, and decided on Denver.  But for some reasons unknown to my friend, the band could not play Denver,he didn’t know why, so they booked in the suburbs.  Anyway, we were in Littleton, at Fat City.  They played in the roller pink, and signs posted said, “Sorry, the bowling alley is closed to the public.  Private Party.”   On the band’s break, fans walked around in the arcade, rode bumper cars, squinted at the bright lights, and laughed a lot. 

And what a party it was.  A dance party/slash marathon. The band:   Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, of the Dead, and Mike Gordan, Phish bassist, Steve Kimmock, Sikuru Adepoju, and Jen Durkin, rocked our socks off with some GD songs, and some few choice  covers.   Mickey walked out and picked up the Mike and said, “You are are in for some salsa and some surprises.”  I’m not sure about his use of word salsa, but it was a hot show.  Singer Jen started out the show by belting a goose-bump rendition of “Piece of My Heart.”  Fat City took off.  She aced the song, great phrasing, and added her own funk to it.  And she aced it.  

Robert Hunter wrote a couple new songs for the band, and they were familar and good.  Only I found myself thinking I wished Bobby was here to sing those Hunter tunes, but that’s just me.

Halloween Dead shows are always so fun. Tonight there were lots of witches, cops, a couple Nixons, nurses, a football player, and a bunch just being their stoned happy selves.  It feels so good to dance, you feel so free to move anyway the music moves you because everyone around you is moving so freely, too. 

And the music goes on forever.

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