Stephen Colbert vs Willie Nelson?

Ben and Jerry launch Stephen Colbert’s
“The Americone Dream”

Does Stephen Colbert feel challenged by Willie Nelson?  I think he does!  I’ve seen the Colbert Report  a couple times recently and both nights he talked about the new ice cream flavors created by Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, in honor of Colbert and Willie Nelson.  Colbert’s ice cream is named The Americone Dream, (fyi vanilla ice cream with chocolate and carmel coated waffle cone bits), and was launched this week by the Vermont ice cream company.  Willie’s flavor is a peach cobbler ice cream (I think), and expected to be released later this month, or in April.  Sounds good!  This is what Colbert told Ben and Jerry last night:

You have Willie Nelson on retainer. I am taking him down. Willie Nelson, watch your back! I’m boarding your bus, and I’m coming for you, pigtails!

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