Support Farm Aid, support our family farmers

You and I have depended on family farmers all our lives. They fill our plate three times each day, they strengthen our local economy, and they are the backbone of our communities.
For 31 years, the annual Farm Aid concert has been a way for all of us to honor family farmers and the role they play in a strong America. On the Farm Aid 2016 stage, farmers from Virginia and Washington, D.C., told their stories of struggle and success.
Listening to these farmers and activists on stage, my friend John Mellencamp said that he’s never felt so inspired in all our years of doing this work. I felt that way, too. That’s why I wanted to share these stories with you.
Chris Bradshaw is growing a new community farm on the grounds of a public school in D.C. that will feed, teach and train schoolchildren and neighborhood residents.
Robin Robbins and Roger Garrett are farmers in Appalachia. There, local food is bringing hope, creating good farming jobs and bringing healthy, fresh food to people who need it.
Nurse practitioner Miranda Trent partners with the Local Food Hub and their farmers to provide fresh, local foods to her patients who struggle to eat healthy food.
Ms. Mary Morgan and Boe Umar have transformed an empty lot in D.C. into a community garden that feeds their neighborhood, physically and emotionally.
Together you and I:
  • Make sure family farmers stay on the land;
  • Amplify farmer voices so they can be heard by politicians and eaters;
  • Build a strong network of farm advocates who provide one-on-one support;
  • Make it possible for a new generation of young people become farmers;
  • Stand with rural citizens to stop factory farms from wiping out family farms and damaging rural communities.
Farm Aid’s work to strengthen family farmers benefits all of us. Family farmers put good food on our tables. They protect our soil and water. And they support our communities. If we want good food, we need family farmers!
Stay strong and positive,

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