Support the Abbott Methodist Scholarship Program

You can support the Abbott Methodist Church scholarship, with the purchase of the commerative coin produced by Willie Nelson, Abbott Methodist Church, and the Texas Mint.  The coins are one ounce .999 silver commemorative coins dated 2006, the year that Willie Nelson purchased the Abbott church.   

One side of this 39 mm coin has an image of Willie and Bobbie Nelson, and the reverse showing the old Abbott Church that Willie and Bobbie grew up in their childhood

Don Reed and Willie Nelson

Willie purchased the Church building in 2006 when it came up for sale and has saved the Church from abandonment; services are held monthly.  One-half of all profits from the sale the limited edition coins directly support the Abbott Methodist Church scholarship fund.

You can purchase the coins at the Texas Mint and Mercantile, in Whitney.  You can also purchase it from the truckstop at Carl’s Corner, at the Cash Grocery Store in Abbott, and directly from the website using their order form (need to print out and complete, mail in.) .

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