The 9513 and a few of their favorite blogs

Brody and Brady Vercher (they have to be twins with those names, don’t they?  I gotta ask them), and Jenna Vercher (triplets, maybe?  No, they would have named her Betty) have a hip and informative country music blog at It has become one of the places I stop in and visit at least once a day for news, interviews, pictures, reviews and more.   I always learn something new  and they post about Willie just about every week, and that’s a bonus.  Their writing is sharp, and you can tell they put some time into their research and writing.

Today Brody posted about some of his favorite country music blogs, and I visited them, and enjoyed them.  Here’s the links.  If you want more info about them, visit

Otherwise, just go, trust me, you’ll have a good time:

Country Universe
Big Rock Candy Mountain 
Search for the Last of the Hard-core Troubadours
City Girl, Country Girl
Twang Nation

What’s that saying?  “There’s 10 billion blogs out there, some of them must be good.”  Well, these are.

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