The Cowboy Way, by Willie Nelson

It’s true.  My heroes have always been cowboys.

Since the earliest days of the Old West, when a cowboy’s life depended on his horse and his amigos, the cowboy was has been a profound and practical guide to doing things in a way that would make your mama proud.  The cowboy way springs from common sense and from a strong sense of right and wrong, without regard for consequences.

In the long run, the cowboy way believes that if you do things according to that sense of right, it’ll work out to every one’s advantage.

If you do things that try to make sense out of wrong, all kinds of bad shit can result  For starters, you may get yourself killed off or sent to the hoosegow — both very negative incentives that should help keep you from screwing up.

Besides, every time you act from the wrong motives, people you know and who rely upon you lose respect for you.  And respect is not something that you can just buy back.

The respect of others must be earned through the positive qualities of our actions.

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Willie Nelson with Turk Pipkin

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