The Free Willie Nelson


Lisa, from Texas, sent this picture of the Free Willie  Nelson van she spotted in New York.

Today, Ron, the owner owner of the van, responded:

“It’s mine.   The idea is the outside is painted  like an orca (Free Willie) the inside is old warm cowboy, Americana (Willie Nelson) hence the Free Willie Nelson.

Thank you for your kind remarks about the Free Willie Nelson.  Unlike every other vehicle parked in the streets of manhattan the Free Willie Nelson gives back to the community with a nice deck on the rear where people can sit and smoke, eat a snack, sit in the sun and watch the world go by, or chat.

Often my friends come by and we sit inside and jam. It’s worth noting the Free Willie Nelson is the same size as my apartment, there by doubling my living space. Unlike my apartment it costs about $800 per year to own and it transports up to sixteen people out to the Mermaid Parade, Floyd Bennett Field, Dead Horse Bay, Wood-stock or away from ground zero on that terrible day.

This summer we are talking about putting on a rooftop garden.

I know that not everyone is going to get it or like it but if you take a man in the street pole, except for the people who want the parking spot, most all really like it.

This is a ride for the nomadic spirit, the open road and a romantic time in our history when people weren’t afraid to boldly just go.

Again, it’s not for everyone.

If you want to take pictures of the inside just E-mail me and I’ll set it up or just show up during the hours the street is being cleaned.

Why the fence?  The white picket fence is an American dream icon and in this application are the teeth of the whale.”

Thanks, Ron!  This pictures has shown up on the internet from time to time, and I love getting to hear your story.  I think the roof garden is a great idea.    If I lived in NYC, I’d come hang out, for sure.


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