The Haybilongs Sing Out For Peace


The Haybilongs, from Florida, are the most recent group inspired to record the song, ‘A Peaceful Solution,’ which was written by Willie and daughter Amy Nelson.   Willie and Amy have each recorded this song, and have also offered it to any other artist who would like to record it and become part of the Peaceful Solution.  To hear Willie’s version (versions, actually)  of the song, and Amy’s, visit the Willie Nelson Peace Research at

Follow this link, to hear “A Peaceful Solution” by The Haybilongs

I believe peace is a way of life, from the way we behave in our everyday lives to the dream of global peace. Now more than ever we stand at a crossroads to make this a better, non-violent, peaceful planet.

I think it all starts here – in America – for we are the most powerful nation on earth and we do the most damage. It is in our best interest to move beyond the free market capitalism that has destroyed our country and countless lives.

There is a war on and we have to win it. How long until another president like George Bush comes along? There is so much human potential being wasted by this global slavery we call capitalism.

There are other options – a resource based economy is one of them. We can no longer waste our natural resources. It all starts with individual responsibility, people taking responsibility for themselves and for our world.

We as individuals must live the life of peace everyday.

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