The Radiators in Colorado


The Radiators have shows in Colorado this weekend.  Tonight and tomorrow night (10/13 and 10/14) they are in Denver at Quixotes (, and Sunday night, 10/15/06, they are in Boulder at the Fox

The Radiators started playing music together in New Orleans going on 30 years now.  The band formed in January 1978 in a garage.  They were all in different bands, came together one night, and as Reggie Scanlan tells it, “Ed invited us to come over to his house and jam; Dave and I figured we’d have a few beers together and play a couple of blues tunes.  Instead, we jammed for five hours straight, then we all quit our old bands the next day.”

They are a true rock n’ roll band,  but with a unique blend of rhythms and sounds that drives their audiences wild.  Their shows are electric, and if you can go see them, you are guaranteed to have a good time, just like the fans all over the country who love them.  They tour extensively, have backed up other New Orleans legends like Dr. John, Professor Longhair, Earl King, and have appeared with the Allman Brothers, Little Feat, B.B. King, Robret Cray, Taj Mahal, Los Lobos and many, many more.

If you can go see them, you are in for a treat.  They’ve got a lot of albums out, and their most recent album just out is Dreaming Out Loud, released by SCIFidelity, has been called the “Great New Orleans Rock Recording”. 

Their website ( says, “Heartbroken by the devastation Hurricane Katrina brought to their home town, but not hopeless, the Radiators gathered together with other artists at Mardi Gras, to remind the world that the city and its traditions owuld in fact survive.  There and then the band laid the tracts for Dreaming Out Loud.”

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