There is a Peaceful Solution

Concha, of Spain and Rachel Neulander of the United States have created an international collaboration of A Peaceful Solution, the song written by Willie Nelson and daughter Amy Nelson.  You can watch their video at the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute ( 

“It gives me hope that there are so many tremendous ideas out there, so many peaceful solutions. i’m convinced no one thing is *the only* solution but all of our best ideas put together…

The lyrics i wrote for this project talk about a few of the ideas around that ring beautiful and true to me – the wisdom, love, and patience that so many american indigenous elders demonstrate, the ageless human practice of earth stewardship and of sustaining a loving respect for everything in nature, the sense of everything being sacred and interrelated, the urgency, now more than ever of believing in the dream of peace, in the cessation of war and in owning up to our wrongdoing against the planet and one another in good conscience as a nation, let’s see what else.”

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