Turn up your radio! It’s Willie Wednesday on Willie’s Place, Sirius/XM Radio


Good news! Bill Mack just announced that Cindy spoke with Willie Nelson, who is in Kentucky today, and Willie confirmed he will call in to Willie’s Place today to talk with Bill and Cindy, and take calls from fans today, on Willie’s Place, Sirius/XM radio. He usually calls in about noon Colorado time.

Here’s the numbers: good luck getting through: 877-394-5543, or 877-3WILLIE. Keep trying; that line is always busy.


These Willie Wednesdays are so much fun; for information on subscribing so you can call in and talk with Willie, too:

Thanks to Cherie for this picture of Willie Nelson and Bill Mack at Willie’s Place, Carl’s Corner, Texas (12/16/09). Willie invited Bill out to sing Bill’s famous song, “Drinking Champagne” (also known by it’s alternative title, “I never loved you much when you were mine.”)

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