Visit to classic Willie Nelson & Family Tour Bus
by:  Jon Blistein

In the Eighties,  Willie Nelson and his Family Band toured the states in a caravan of four decked-out buses. One of those custom rides, a 1983 Silver Eagle dubbed “Me and Paul,” will be featured on the first episode of Great American Country’s new show, Celebrity Motor Homes (think Cribs on a bus), but a special preview of Nelson’s chariot is available to watch now.

Nelson curator Taylor Perkins gives the grand tour of the bus, which looks essentially as it did in the Eighties, with only a few modern upgrades. The interior was designed to mimic a Twenties saloon, and while Perkins notes such decor might seem cheesy for another group, it was the perfect fit for Nelson and Co.

The main area, where the band would’ve hung out, boasts stained-glass windows and seats, sofas and curtains all made out of red-crushed velvet. A marquee that can display the name of the bus, or a number of other phrases or names (including “John Denver”), sits up front above the driver’s seat. The bus also features a kick-back area that comes complete with a bar stocked with the band’s house bourbon, “Ole Whiskey River,” and rolling tray for, as Perkins puts it, “the various musicians who roll their own cigarettes.” Nelson even had a private lounge added, where passengers could relax and play a couple hands of poker.

Celebrity Motor Homes premieres Wednesday, November 26th at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Great American Country. Along with Nelson’s bus, the debut episode will include a look inside the motor home of Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson and the Plain White T’s tour bus.

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