“Waiting for the Miracle to Come”, with Willie Nelson

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Set in a timeless fairytale of magical realism, Waiting for the Miracle to Come tells the story of a young trapeze artist played by Sophie Lowe who is guided by the spirit of her father to find a place in the desert.

A mysterious oasis called The Beautiful Place. There she finds two retired Vaudeville Stars played by Charlotte Rampling and Willie Nelson.The young girl will be taken on a dream like journey teaching her that love and sacrifice is all that binds us and that death is sometimes not the end of life, but just the beginning.



Charlotte RamplingSophie LoweWillie NelsonErwin McManus


Lian LunsonBonoWim WendersMolly M. MayeuxTerence BerryJ. Mitchell White

Writer and Director Lian Lunson

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