Why Another Willie Site?

Why not?  Willie Nelson is such an amazing person, there can’t be too much written about him, or too many web sites dedicated to him. Willie is probably the greatest singer-songwriter in the world.  He continues to record fresh, genre-breaking albums, to rave reviews.  He makes a couple movies a year, and steals every scene he’s in, and he’s written several thoughtful, amusing and inspiring books.  There is nothing like a Willie Nelson & Family concert, and getting to watch Willie play Trigger and hear him sing. You can’t stop smiling for a week.

But the main reason I love Willie is because of his big heart. He is a true humanitarian. Some of his good works are well reported (Farm Aid, Biodiesel Fuel, peace work; the Montessori Schools, etc.), but most aren’t. Willie and Wife Annie have leant their name and money, and Willis his many musical talents, to raise funds for many causes.

 With this site, I will remind you about things you already knew about Willie Nelson, and hopefully you will learn new things about him, the projects he is working on and where he’s touring. Thanks for stopping by,


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