Willie Nelson: A Graphic History

by: T.J. Kirsch, author, and
Illustrators: Havard Johansen, Coskun Kuzgun, Jesse Lonergan, Jeremy Massey, Jason Pittman, Adam Walmsley, J. T. Yost.

Since he was a child in Hill County, Texas, he has been writing and performing for adoring crowds. Though his mainstream success did not come until later in his life, he has been determined to take his unique sound and voice to the people even before he was a household name.

There have been tragedies, missteps, IRS troubles, good times and bad along the way, but Willie continues to shine his positive outlook and project his humble voice out into the world. In this graphic novel biography, all the chapters represent a different era of his life and struggles – each illustrated by a unique indie comics talent.

You can pre-order a copy at Amazon for $19.99.

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