Willie Nelson and Dave Mason

1. Good 2 U
2. Let Me Go
3. One Day
4. Pink Lipstick
5. How Do I Get To Heaven (with Willie Nelson)
6. Ain’t Your Legs Tired Baby
7. You’re Standing In My Light
8. Passing Thru The Flame
9. That’s Love
10. El Toro
11. World of Hunger
12. Full Circle and Then

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Willie Nelson sings with Dave Mason on his new album, “26 Letters — 12 Notes.”  Tim Parson www.tahoedailytribue.com reports:

Keyboardist Mike Finnigan, who was in Mason’s group for nine years when he was with Columbia Records and is in the Phantom Blues Band, appears on the album. On “How Do I Get to Heaven” has Willie Nelson on acoustic guitar. A verse, and the song’s inspiration, came from Traffic bandmate Jim Capaldi.

“A girl up in Santa Barbara that he had been writing some music with and hanging out, her son has a band,” Mason said “She brought me this tape about six months after (Capaldi) died, a cassette, with this song, ‘How do We Get to Heaven.’

“It’s nothing like the song that’s on this album. But the words that Jim had written — You know we grew up together and played in bands together as kids. It was written as really a downer. So I rewrote it and kept the first verse and the lyrics of the chorus, and then I wrote the rest of the song around it. I think it’s the best song on the album.”

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