Willie Nelson and Paula Nelson at Willie’s Place Theater, Carl’s Corner, Texas (4/10/2010)

Rumors of a surprise guest joining Paula Nelson concert  on Saturday have been flying, and today Willie Nelson confirmed that he will show up on Saturday and sing a few songs with Paula at Willie’s Place Theater,  Carl’s Corner, Texas.

There are tickets left for the show, and for those who can’t make it, this show will be streamed live on the internet on Saturday.  For ticket information, and for the link to the live feed, visit:
www.LuckFilms.com or www.WilliesPlacetheater.com.

I’m hoping to hear, ‘Have you Ever Seen the Rain,’ the Creedence Clearwater Song that Willie sings with Paula and her band, along with Lukas Nelson.  This song will be on Paula and the Guilty Pleasure’s CD which will be out this spring.

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