Willie Nelson and Ryan Adams

Ryan and Willie Nelson, Loho Studios, New York, 2005.  Image:  Neal Casal

Neal Casal played guitar in Ryan Adams’ band The Cardinals for four years, and during that time he documented his time with the band in photographs.  He has created a book of his photos, and The Daily Post has put up some of Casal’s favorite pictures, at:

“I photographed my life with the band from our first rehearsal in New York through our last show in Atlanta on March 20, 2009, and the result is Ryan Adams & The Cardinals: A View of Other Windows. I didn’t begin this project with aspirations of making a book, but because I love documenting my life through photography, and The Cardinals were such endlessly fascinating subjects for me. Photography is a means to making life on the road and in the studio more interesting, and a way of telling stories that no one would know otherwise. The camera is the instrument I pick up when a room is too quiet for music. A perfect way to continue singing the song after a show has ended

Ryan had been asked to produce a record for Willie, with the Cardinals as his backing band.  This was one of the first days of the sessions when these two guys were still sizing each other up.  Although Ryan had respect for Willie, he was very much the irreverent punk who was not interested in bowing down to the living legend. Willie, on the other hand, has been a punk of his own for quite some time, and wasn’t about to give up any ground to this youngster.   A great locking of the horns ensued, and in between games of pool and drinking whiskey, we ended up making a pretty good record.”


Track List:

Rainy Day Blues
Blue Hotel
Back to Earth
Stella Blue
$1000 Wedding
We Don’t Run
Yours Love
Sad Songs and Waltzes
Amazing Grace
Christmas in Prison

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