Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg in Amsterdam


Thanks to Lane, who sent me these pictures he took in Amsterdam last April.  Snoop Dogg joined Willie Nelson on stage at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, and the next night Willie returned the favor and went on stage at Snoop’s show at the same venue.



And here’s a picture Lane, whom I met in San Francisco at the Fillmore show.  Lane says:  “This picture is to prove that the pitfalls of Amsterdam are for real!”  Yeah, I’ll bet the ice cream shops in Amsterdam do very well.  Munchie shops must be quite an industry over there.


This picture is of a 85 year old Dutch fan.  I gave up my front row rail so that she could enjoy the show, she was a trip (check out the animal tail on her hat (she would wag it at Willie in approval). 

We enjoyed this last run with Willie, he always leaves us wanting more.  We got tickets to Philadelphia, MS and Marksville, LA for the spring.   

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