Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis concert in NYC Tonight!


Janis from Texas was at the Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis show at the Allen Room, at Lincoln Center, in NYC show tonight, and just sent these pictures from her hotel room.  They weren’t allowed to take pictures, but she snapped these at the end.  Don’t you just love the dedication of fans who risk arrest just to take pictures, and send them at 1:30 in the morning to share with all of us.  We love you, Janis from Texas!   Thank you!

Carol was also at both shows, too, and and posted this review of last nights show at www.ClubLuck.Willienelson.com :

Wow, what a spectacular show last night.  The addition of Nora Jones just put the icing on the cake.  Of course, it wasn’t anything like any other Willie show I’ve seen, but it was very, very enjoyable.  There was an intermission and then Willie left the stage a couple of times when Nora sang.  Mickey was there and in fine form as usual.   Willie looked very handsome in his black boots, suit, shirt, tie and hat.  No pictures were allowed, but I did snap a couple at the end of the show.  The ushers were a tad on the stuffy side and having fits because people were taking pictures at the end.  One of them said, “it is a New York State law that you can’t take pictures.”  Well, living in New York State my entire life, I’d never heard that one before………..

Willie signed from the stage after the show.  Unfortunately, Wynton did not.  Willie did not make his quick disappearance as normal and when he came out of the building he stopped and greeted the few of us diehards who were still there and hanging around for a glimpse.

Many of the people there were season ticket holders for the jazz series and now I think Willie has a whole bunch of new fans.  You know how he just seems to win people over.   We’ll be off for the same show tonight and then on to Red Bank tomorrow night.

It was a good time shared with some great Willie fans.  There was Pat, Janis, Marie, Kathy, Sue, Darlyne and maybe some others I missed!!!!  And we now have a new friend, John.  So glad you were able to get a ticket John.  Be sure to look for us on Good Morning America tomorrow; hopefully we’ll be there.



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