Willie Nelson Art, by Lamberto


If you have ever visited the Truck Stop at Carl’s Corner, Texas, you have probably seen the beautiful artwork by Texas artist Lamberto.  You can also view his art at his website, and in his gallery, in Southlake, Texas.  He has other portraits of Willie Nelson and other stars at his website, along with picture of other unique original art at his site. 

The Lamberto Art Gallery in Southlake,  Texas and is filled with Lamberto’s latest fine art created in several different media: canvas, acid stain concrete, scratchboard, wood, metal and assemblage. From realism to abstract, Lamberto’s art gallery is a testament to the maturity of a fine artist whose vast body of work includes previously published editorial art work, as well as small- and large-scale fine art and commissioned artwork. 


Lamberto is so creative, and uses his talents so uniquely in a wide variety of media.   To see more of his art, or to contact Lamberto, visit his site at www.Lamberto.com.

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