Willie Nelson contributes to, ‘Yes, Indeed!’ Ray Charles Tribute Book, dvd



Celebrating 60 years since the release of Ray Charles’ first ever single release – ‘Confession Blues’ in April, 1949 – Genesis Publications is proud to announce the forthcoming limited edition book and DVD set, YES INDEED! The Photographs of Joe Adams, published in association with the charitable Ray Charles Robinson Foundation.

The book includes an introduction by Bill Wyman, along with contributions from Willie Nelson, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Quincy Jones, Tom Waits and many more , coming together to tell Ray’s life story.

In 2006 staff at Ray Charles Enterprises uncovered Joe’s priceless collection of photographs. Genesis Publications and the Ray Charles Marketing Group have worked together ever since and are proud to present, for the first time ever, the rare and never before seen photographs taken by Ray’s long-time manager, business partner and friend, Mr Joe Adams.

Regularly described as ‘The man behind the man’, Joe Adams was, for 45 years, instrumental in Ray Charles’ musical life and work. At the same time, he developed his obvious talent for photography, capturing Ray at work on stage and in the studio, including some of the most significant performances of his career. Of course, Joe enjoyed unprecedented access to Ray’s life out of the spotlight, photographing him backstage or aboard his private airplane, playing chess or relaxing in his office.

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