Willie Nelson endorses Roger Crowe for Briarcliff Alderman “Keep Briarcliff Country”

Roger Crowe and David Anderson
Photo by David Von Roehm, Luck Films


Today Briarcliff, Texas resident Roger Crowe announced his bid for Briarcliff Alderman.  The 40-year old candidate hopes his efforts as Alderman will “Keep Briarcliff Country”.  His platform is to get everyone involved in public meetings through the use of technology.  

Roger announced, “Alot of working mothers and fathers are just too exhausted to attend public meetings after commuting back and forth to the city for work, while many others travel for a living and also some older residents aren’t able to participate because of health or disablity.” Roger went on to explain, “ My hopes are that soon everyone will have access via the internet to view all public proceedings.”

Speaking to members of the press; “Too long the fate of fellow property owners has been by unanimous application or by some unknown proclamations that are passed without the knowledge or approval of the majority of residents,”  Roger Crowe stated, ” Until now!  I am here to Keep Briarcliff Country and to give a voice back to the property owners.”

Crowe applied today at the Village of Briarcliff City Hall and was sworn in by the clerk upon presenting his application. The election is set for May 8th. Early Voting begins April 26th through May 4th.


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