Willie Nelson & Family in Duluth (8/6/11)


Thanks so much to Linda, for sharing picture she took at the Willie Nelson & Family show in Duluth, Minnesota.


“I drove through torential rain for an hour and a half to get to Duluth; thirty-five miles an hour. I had the trunk full of ponchos, plastic covers, old shoes, hats, all preparing for the Willie concert with expected worse weather. But it always clears when Willie shows up, and sure enough, when the first two bands were done playing, the skies opened and the sun came out and even a rainbow. That is about the 3rd Willie concert I have been to that has happened. A beautiful night for a Willie Nelson concert and he sang without interuption, not even a break for a drink of water. Willie sang, smiled and pleased us all. Again.”

— Linda



Such a nice looking group of music fans.
nice rainbow

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