Willie Nelson featured on, ‘Our Idiot Brother’ Movie Soundtrack

idiot brother

Willie Nelson contributes three songs to the movie soundtrack for the movie starring Paul Rudd, ‘Our Idiot Brother.’ In the movie, his dog is named after Willie.

Filmmaker Jesse Peretz talked about Willie Nelson’s music in the movie  at www.boston.com:

In “Our Idiot Brother,” Paul Rudd plays the hapless title character, a guy who’s lost custody of his beloved dog, Willie Nelson. Music by the dog’s namesake, consequently, is all over the soundtrack.

“Once we had named the dog Willie Nelson, I definitely spent like two months solidly listening to Willie Nelson. I probably have, like, 400 Willie Nelson songs on my iPod,” Peretz said. “I don’t love, love, love country music. But … Willie Nelson definitely appeals to the kind of country music, or countryish music, that I really like.”

By which he means the Jayhawks, Gram Parsons, and particularly Lucinda Williams, “who I was totally obsessed with even in my total punk-rock days,” he said. “And even though Willie Nelson is probably more sort of in the conventional country world, there’s something about the production of many of his songs and that sort of really gentle quality of his voice that isn’t as really hard-core as some of the real hoedown country is.”

So what does Peretz listen to when he’s not doing research for a film? He says he relies on recommendations from a couple of close friends who are still in the music world.

“They used to make me CDs. Now they will e-mail me a playlist of stuff that they think I’ll like, to try to keep me a little bit — keep one foot in the door,” he said. “But definitely my musical taste is still a little sort of stuck in the stuff I was into in the ’80s and the ’90s.”

Thus his 4-year-old daughter’s immersion in the music of David Bowie and Elvis Costello, as well as that of Willie Nelson.

“Those are her three key musical artists,” Peretz said. “And I hope I can sustain that and keep her from Justin Bieber or whoever is bound to come her way. If I can squeeze two more years of control of it, then I’ll be really psyched.”
(Laura Collins-Hughes)”

Our Idiot Brother Soundtrack:
1. Eric D. Johnson – “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”
2. Willie Nelson – “Wonderful Future”
3. Nathan Larson & Eric D. Johnson – “The Main Title”
4. Generationals – “They Fight, They Fight”
5. Fruit Bats – “Lightning Bug”
6. Nathan Larson – “Mellotron Melody”
7. Willie Nelson – “Midnight Rider”
8. Mindy Smith & Daniel Tashian – “Taking You With Me”
9. Nathan Larson & Eric D. Johnson – “The Harvest Theme”
10. Thao with the Get Down Stay Down – “Cool Yourself”
11. Willie Nelson – “Ol’ Blue”
12. Nathan Larson & Eric D. Johnson – “The Taxi”
13. Eric D. Johnson & Nathan Larson featuring Nina Persson – “Cowboys and Hobos”
14. Eric D. Johnson – “2 Roadrunners”
15. El May – “The Things You Lost”
16. Carole King – “Beautiful”

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