Willie Nelson, Forever Young (Country Weekly, May 6, 2013)


Country Weekly
May 6, 2013

Willie Nelson can be described in so many ways:  singer, songwriter, activist, author, actor, even the “Red Headed Stranger,” after one of his best-known albums.  You can also call him “youthful” and “relevant”, even as he reaches the milestone age of 80 on April 30.  With a poingnant new album, Let’s Face the Music and Dance, a bestselling memoir, Roll me UP and Smoke Me When I DIe:  Musings From the Road, and a full tour schedule, Willie is clearly indicating that he’s not quite done yet.  As he’s often joked about retirement, “All I do is play music and golf.  Which one do you want me to give up?”  In celebration of his big 8-0, we take a look back at the key moments of Willie Nelson’s career.


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