Willie Nelson hasn’t changed at all, except his hair is longer


In his rise to national prominence, Willie has certainly not turned his back on Nashville.  In fact, he has often used his own influence to bring credit to some of the Nashville artists who gave him the emotional support he often needed during his rather bleak decade of artistic struggle in that town. 

 When he accepted the “Entertainer of the Year” Award in 1979 on the nationally televised annual Country Music Association Awards Show, he used the occasion to pay tribute to an earlier generation of country music artists like Ernest Tubb, Faron Young and Ferlin Husky who had influenced him in their day.

“Willie Nelson hasn’t changed at all, except his hair is longer and he’s a whole helluva lot busier”, says CBS artist Bobby Bare.  Bare goes on to reflect the sort of attitude that prevails today around Nashville when Willie’s name is mentioned, “I’d do anything for that man”, says Bare, “and so would a lot of other people”.

The fame and recognition that Willie nelson enjoys today has not come easy for this 47-year-old, thrice married father of five and grandfather of four.  And there have been many long years of bitterness and frustration when he did not wear the mature glove of success like he does now.

Alex Cooley and Omen International
Australia and New Zealand

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