Willie Nelson in American Songwriter Magazine 2018 Legends Issue


Read digital issue here.

Willie Nelson, the consummate country music outlaw, is the cover boy for the 2018 Legends Issue, which hits newsstands tomorrow and will be available digitally 1/16. We recently spent time with Willie at his ranch, where we discussed a wide range of subjects, including his collaborations with artists like Barbara Streisand and how he ripped off Frank Sinatra musically. Nelson also discussed politics and whether they have a place onstage, how he keeps his fans happy, and why “bad breath” is better than “no breath” at all. He then offered some advice for younger artists, and mused on how the fickle nature of fate has shaped much of his life.

This issue will also tackle the ever-changing technology landscape as it affects music professionals and creators. There will be sections devoted to education, collaboration, publishing and copyright, recording and cataloguing, as well as information on new tools available to ease the business of touring, distribution and marketing.


Read The Digital Edition Of The January/February 2018 “Legends Issue,” Featuring Willie Nelson

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