Willie Nelson in San Francisco, a Fan’s Review

Thanks to OakieDog (I’d call him a lucky dog) for sharing his experience of seeing Willie at the Fillmore at his blog at www.mog.com/oakiedog/blog

Holy Shit. That is all there is to say about the Willie Nelson fourth Fillmore evening tonight. His band—the sparsest octet ever, with four of the members mere garish (but tasteful garnish at that), around Nelson regulars, grooved like J J Cale with a sweet cotton muffled quality. The set: a greatest hits: starting with a medley (Crazy, Night LIfe, etc) and going into the cheese only with the finest cracker(Always On My Mind, Georgia), the Townes (Poncho and Lefty), and the numbers you just wanna sing along with (Momma, Don’t Let Yr Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys, May The Circle Be Unbroken). Nelson pulled off some truly bent guitar playing ala Django Rhinehart while his horn player dixie-landed it through most numbers in the second half of the set. Once again, the band, although big, sounded gracefully small and exhibited the tastiest of licks from each member.

And damn if that hole in his acoustic ain’t big enough to see from the moon…that guitar has so much soul it could darn well play itself!!!

There were even some Velvert Underground-ish moments (meets the Carter Family) when the band hit a chord and fuzzily extended it out many measures. Nelson had his hand in the air more often than not; he was having a blast and the sold out crowd cried for more……..

Tonight was living: living with a true legend.

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