Willie Nelson, in the Studio at Willie’s Place Sirius/XM Radio (2/25/09)

Thanks to Jeremy Tepper, Program Director for the Willie’s Place Channel, on Sirius/XM Radio, for sending this picture he took of Willie Nelson in the studio at Willie’s Place last Wednesday, on Willie Wednesday, on the Bill Mack show.  Willie’s Place can be found on Channel 13 on XM Radio, and on Sirius Channel 64.   There’s lots of reasons to sign up for Sirius/XM Radio, Willie’s Place is the best one, in my opinion.  

Willie Wednesdays are always good, when Willie calls in from wherever he is on tour and talks with Bill, Cindy and fans who call in to the show.  But last Wednesday’s show will go down in history as extra special, when Willie was live in the studio at Carl’s Corner, Texas, and talked with Bill and Cindy, and special guest Ray Price, who drove in for the show.

Jeremy said that the Willie and the Wheel concert at Willie’s Place Nightlife Theater last Tuesday will be re-broadcast tomorrow, Saturday, at 3 p.m. Eastern Time (that’s 1 for us Colorado folks)  immediately followed by the last hour of the Bill Mack Willie Wednesday show with Willie Nelson and Ray Price.  Additionally, the show with Willie Nelson and Ray Price will replay this Sunday, March 1, at 1 p.m. Eastern.   Don’t miss this chance to hear these legends talk, and share stories and laughs.

He also sent this picture he took on Wednesday of Dallas Wayne (far left), Carl Cornelius of Carl’s Corner fame, Bill Mack, Willie Nelson and Ray Price, in the studio.

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