Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, “Story Tellers”

I don’t know if VH1 is still doing this series, but there were some good ones.  My favorite, of course, is Willie and Johnny. The music is great, and the stories are even greater. It is just too short, though.  They left me wanting more songs, more stories.  There is a cd and a dvd of the show.

  1.  Ghost Riders in the Sky (Stan Jones) 
  2. “Worried Man” (Cash, June Carter Cash)
  3. “Family Bible” (Walt Breeland/Paul Buskirk/Claude Gray) 
  4. “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town” (Cash)
  5. “Funny How Time Slips Away” (Nelson) 
  6. “Flesh and Blood” (Cash)
  7. “Crazy” (Nelson)
  8. “Unchained” (Johnstone)
  9. “Night Life” (Breeland/Buskirk/Nelson)
  10. “Drive On” (Cash)
  11. “Me and Paul” (Nelson)
  12. “I Still Miss Someone” (Cash, Roy Cash)
  13. “Always on My Mind” (Johnny Christopher/Mark James/Wayne Carson Thompson)
  14. “Folsom Prison Blues” (Cash) 
  15. “On the Road Again” (Nelson)

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