Willie Nelson Offers Solutions to President Obama


The 75-year-old ‘outlaw’ country singer looks to some home-grown solutions to help President Obama fix the economic crisis


illie Nelson has some advice for President Obama on how to fix the mess America has got itself into, and, just like the lyrics the grizzled old ‘outlaw’ country singer has been penning for half a century, it is nice and simple.

“Put a million farmers back on the land,” he says. “Everybody needs to eat, and I’ve always seen growing food as the base of a good economy. Do something useful.”

Well, yes.  But there is more to Nelson’s plan than that, and it is worth remembering that the 75-year-old with the braid of  hair reaching to the small of his back, once studied agriculture at Baylor University in his home state of Texas.

 We can grow food,” he goes on, “but we can also grow fuel.”   Ah. Now the Willie Nelson rescue plan is deepening.

“And if we grow our own fuel, we don’t need to go running around the world starting wars, do we?”

At least there is no way that Nelson can be accused of failing to practise what he preaches. He has arrived in the heart of Manhattan in a full-sized coach, decorated with murals of weary Indian warriors slumped over their ponies at the end of the trail, and with impenetrable black windows for privacy. It is his tour-mobile, and it racks up 135,000 miles a year on an exclusive diet of bio-diesel.

Not only is Nelson the founder and leading light of Farm Aid and a devoted environmentalist, but he has put a lot of his own money into a bio-diesel production company with pumps in service stations all over the South West.

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