Willie Nelson on Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Different songs often mean different things to different people.

“Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground,” for instance, is one of my favorite songs, and it’s one that’s inspired great passion.  Many members of the Hells Angels, for instance, feel certain that “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground” is about one of their members who died.  Now, I’d be the last person to tell a big group of kick-ass bikers that they’re wrong.  As far as I’m concerned, whatever they feel the song means is just fine.

There’s is far from the only interpretation of the song, and I make it a point not to disagree with any of the interpretations (as long as you’re not trying to sell your junk food or your god or your war with my song).

It’s not up to me to tell you what my songs mean.

The meaning is already in the song.  And the song is the meaning.  “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground” is the Tao of Willie.  It and a whole bunch of other songs I’ve written are the reflection of what I’ve learned on a really great ride on the merry-go-round called earth.

And if the ride keeps going for a while longer, I may learn more and thereby cast a bigger reflection.  So keep the wheel turning, I say.  And keep your angels flying high.

The Tao of Willie:  A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart
Willie Nelson, with Turk Pipkin

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